Friday, November 22, 2013

Time for more crafting!

The days are rushing by quickly, Christmas will soon be upon us.

I have been busy making special gifts and I can share some of them....

Using reclaimed wood, I cut random lengths. I aged it a bit further by making a gray wash and let it soak in. Acrylic paints for the lettering and heart; I lightly sanded the paint to make it look older, too.  To hang it I have attached cleats on the back and also wire.

On ivory card stock and using black ink, I made this personalized sign that will be framed. It is 8 x 10.

This 5 x 7 personalized sign is done on white card stock and I used black ink. It is also going to be framed.

An 8 x 10 design on white card stock. This features the recipients' last name and monogram V.

That's it for now, I have alot of things on the go and will catch up later.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Just Can't Keep the Pen Out of My Hand

This weekend I have been really busy but in between the goings-on, I relaxed by making some new designs. Boy have I used lots of ink!  Here are my two new designs, I will probably make these in to note cards. Some folks have suggested I sell some of my work....that idea is quite appealing!  

I will call this the Starfish design.

The house with no windows but there is a door if you look close enough!

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Thanks for looking!  I'll be back with another project or two soon!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn is in the air

The leaves are changing and it is getting dark earlier, it's the perfect time to get crafting and make some Christmas presents!

I wish I could sit and write more, I find that I always have a project or two on the go and combining that with volunteering and daily life, I don't have as much time to write as I had hoped.

So I will be posting more photos than words...

Here are some of my newest creations:

Baby rattle -- black ink....Baby written in handle

Close up of a super soft baby blanket I made for a special little girl

Reclaimed pallet wood, randomly cut, lettered in black paint

 Electric ink. I may make some note cards with this design.

Acoustic guitar design with black ink

Canvas with calligraphy overlay - birth information. Washed with purple acrylic paint and floated darker around edges.  Cricut lettering with heavy cardstock

Thrift find - part of a three-piece set. I made chalk paint using plaster of Paris and light colonial blue interior latex paint. I distressed some of the edges and legs. Coated with three coats of Minwax clear finishing wax.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More doodling and time wasting!

I am the first to admit that I do craft projects before some other pleasant activities such as doing the laundry or cleaning!  :-)

Here's what I have been doing lately!

Flower Power

80th Birthday card. The inside of the card is done with the coppery ink, too.

White on Red - white gel pen, shaded with white pastel pencil

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little fancy doodling!

I have been slowly learning the art of Zentangle. My artistic sister has been an inspiration and mentor.   There are so many talented folks out there who create beautiful works of art.  While I am in the beginning stages of this, I am having fun and while it can be frustrating, it can be oddly relaxing also. Perhaps that is the ZEN part of Zentangle!

So here are a few of my creations, I have also created my Christmas card design but won't share that until after the cards are mailed out to family and friends in December.

This is fun, try it!

 I find I like designs to be symmetrical so that it seems balanced.
 There are so many more designs that I have to learn! It is fun to fill in with neat patterns.
I still am not quite sure about this one...I will probably try to do it again in the future and see what happens.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ooh, Twins!

Some friends in Michigan recently welcomed two new grandsons...yes, twins! They are so sweet.  I wanted to make something special for their nursery so going with the fire fighter theme I made two canvas pieces....acrylic and ink.  Each little guy has his own, I was very happy to make and send this gift to their parents.

In between painting projects, I still am working on my chalk paint table and got some sanding done this morning. Thankfully the weather cooperated as it was something that I had to do outside; I didn't want to get dust in the garage. Next step will be paste waxing the table.  I have also finished a baby blanket which I will share once the baby arrives.

Two more canvas pieces are in the many things to do, so little time (or energy!)

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying to learn the art of tangling

My very talented sister and I have both taken up learning to tangle - Zentangle. I have already completed this year's Christmas cards but I won't post them until after I have mailed them to everyone.  But here is another project that I just completed. The design will go on note cards.  Slowly I am picking up this neat art form.

Also on my plate is learning to paint with chalk paint. I have found many neat ideas on Pinterest and also located some homemade recipes to prepare my own paint using plaster of Paris.  I have another coat to do on a thrift find - coffee table and will be posting the before and after pics and some instructions and helpful hints in the next while when I am done.

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Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day holiday weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot and Humid, a good day to craft indoors

I am actually working on a few projects at the moment - a baby blanket,  personalized canvas wall art for a new set of twins, and my Christmas cards. At a later date I will post pictures.

Here are some other projects that I have completed -


A commemorative canvas made with acrylic paint and varnish wash and lettered in acrylic.

Another commemorative canvas with acrylic paint.

Commemorating a 40th anniversary - aged with acrylic on canvas and acrylic paint lettering.

For a new baby's nursery - canvas with acrylic paint


Here's a cozy ivory cowl!

Other Projects

Before - my woodworking pal made this wooden bench for me

After - I stained and varnished the bench - a great gift for my daughter and her hubby!

A floor cloth - canvas fabric, I made a stamp out of a compressed sponge (those are so cool!) and acrylic with 3 coats of varnish


I think I am caught up now!  As I complete new projects, they will be added to the blog. Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday update

Here are a few more projects!

These items are wedding related projects...some were used at an actual wedding, some are special personalized gifts.

 Place cards examples

Bookmark favor given to each guest at their plate. It is cut from the leftover heavy metallic card stock that I used to make the invitations.

The invitation.....heavy metallic blue card stock that is tri-fold. Next is a shiny gold layer and on top of that the invitation on ivory card stock that I did in calligraphy.  This folds and is held closed with organza ribbon in ivory.  The ribbon feeds through a metallic blue tag with the guests' names on it.  On the back side of the invitation is a pocket that held the rsvp card and  return envelope. The invitation was mailed using a matching metallic blue envelope, lettered in white calligraphy.

The tables at the reception - handmade napkin holders, mason jars with candles....

Another example of some place cards

Wedding keepsake plaque made on MDF board and painted in acrylic

A continuous keepsake - names of the bride and groom and their wedding date are repeated to make this one of a kind large framed keepsake.

Bears in the tub with the names of the bride and groom

A sign for a couple - painted canvas board, finished in concrete colors, acrylic paint.

Small wedding canvas, painted in acrylic

Special keepsake board. Tea stained and crackle aged, acrylic paint. This commemorates the special days the bride and groom share

Canvas board, acrylic paint, organza ribbon and beading.

Caricature of the bride and groom, inspired by a photo

 Napkin rings  with blue tissue and ribbons

An example of an inner envelope lettering

Guest book table with sign - names, dates in acrylic, silk flowers.

Wedding program cover- card stock folded and tied with ribbon, monogrammed with bride and groom's initials in silver.

Large keepsake of their first dance - the lyrics fill the page, the middle cut-out is for their first dance photo.  Large lettering done with Cricut machine.

Sign for the reception - canvas with acrylic paint

Another special sign, made with acrylic paint, aged and Cricut letters.

Samples of different nibs for place cards.

Place cards made of card stock, calligraphy lettering, embellished with purple and silver ribbon.

A closer view of the heirloom bouquet.



Canvas painted with acrylic paint.  Scrapbook paper cut with a Cricut for the little girls name, colored card stock for smaller lettering; eyelet trim,  wire hanger.

Canvas painted and stenciled with acrylic paint; Cricut lettering with card stock

Old ice skates painted purple and lettered with names of Boyd and Tanith for Battle of the Blades tv show. They donated winnings to Epilepsy Huron Perth.  I also painted the Epilepsy logo and lettering, glued photos of the skaters; topped it off with a pom-pom.

MDF board, painted in baby

Velvet Christmas stockings, felt letters for each name
Wood house cut-out, painted with acrylic paint, small wooden heart painted and attached.

Small wooden heart painted in acrylic; trimmed with lace and small beads.

Canvas board, painted in acrylic; Cricut lettering

 Canvas board painted in acrylic, overlayed with calligraphy of name, birth date, time, weight; Cricut letters on top.  Did a color wash with coordinating paint

Canvas board painted in acrylic, overlayed with calligraphy of name, birth date, time, weight; Cricut letters on top.  Did a color wash with coordinating paint.

Christmas stocking, felt lettering, bells accent

Small wooden box painted with acrylic, cardboard lettering

Canvas board, painted in acrylic. Thomas sticker.

Canvas board, painted in acrylic. Cricut lettering and clip art finch bird glued on

Wooden box, acrylic painted, cardboard lettering

Canvas board painted and lettered in acrylic; sports stickers to coordinate with baby's room

Large canvas board, painted in acrylic...subway style....Cricut letters and numbers, names of the couple are done in blue to stand out amongst the other letters

Canvas board, acrylic paint, Cricut letters and numbers...for the Thomas folks

Pen and ink and acrylic paint on canvas, logo from the salon, caricature of Jenny who I made this for

Wooden plaque, acrylic letters

Wooden baby plaque, acrylic paint

Canvas board, acrylic paint; commemorating 50th anniversary

Canvas board, acrylic paint, Cricut lettering of grandchildren's names

Oval wooden plaque, painted and lettered in acrylic

Canvas board, layers of small squares of scrapbook paper, Cricut letters, wire hanger with raffia

Wooden plaque, painted and lettered in acrylic, metallic stickers

Wooden plaque, acrylic paint and letters, star accents

Wooden plaque, acrylic paint, lace and pearl accents around the board, cut-out wooden heart

Wooden plaque, acrylic paint 

Oval wooden plaque, acrylic paint and lettering

Wooden box, stenciled and lettered with acrylic

Wooden plaque, sponged with three colors, lettered in acrylic

Christmas stockings with felt lettering

Christmas stockings with felt lettering

Canvas board, acrylic paint,wire hanger with raffia

Canvas board, wire hanger. Painted with acrylic paint, Cricut letters - highlighting names and wedding year

Christmas stocking with felt letters and hearts.  Below is the stocking filled with a special little guy



Wooden oval, painted with textured Patio Paint and other acrylic paint

Canvas board, stenciled in acrylic and lettered with the Cricut machine

Canvas board, stenciled in acrylic, Cricut lettering, wire hanger and raffia

Canvas board, layered with tissue to give texture, acrylic paint, wire hanger and raffia

Canvas board, layered with wrapping paper and tissue decoupage, Cricut lettering

Wooden plaque, acrylic paint
 lettering of the house number and plants

Front and back of wooden plaque, painted in acrylic, wire hanger.


Reversible sign - Open and Closed; MDF oval painted with acrylic paint


Canvas board, acrylic paint, Cricut lettering

Wooden house cut-out, stenciled and painted with acrylic

 Canvas board, stenciled in acrylic, Cricut lettering

Canvas board, acrylic paint, buttons tor make tree top, Cricut lettering, wire hanger with raffia


Thank you for looking at my projects. I will continue to add them!  If you would like to contact me, please email

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