Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You're not really crafting if your hands stay perfectly manicured!

Time to play catch up again!  I've been very busy with projects and I need to discipline myself to post regularly. I know that many other crafters know how that is. It is more fun to craft than to sit at the computer most days!

So here are my latest projects, the ones I can post at least. I have a big one that is going to remain hidden for a bit since it is a wedding shower gift and I don't want to tip off the bride that there is a surprise for her and her groom.

This canvas project is a keepsake gift for a bridal shower that took place last month.  Shane and Melissa are getting married on April 6th and I wanted to commemorate the event for them.

Using their home color scheme as a guide, I created this small canvas that sits on a wooden plate stand.  I used acrylic paints for this piece. A wooden heart adds dimension to the canvas. Eyelet lace surrounds the perimeter. Congrats!

And here is the happy bride-to-be at the shower displaying the new sign.


This window frame piece was originally a cupboard door (from what I could tell). It was for sale for a great price so I couldn't resist!  Using chalk paint I have basecoated the piece in one of my favorite turquoise shade of blue.  From there I made a crackle layer with mucilage school glue. (I found some that was in a pen-like container so it made it really easy to apply!) After the glue got tacky I then brushed white chalk paint over top and like magic it crackled.  I sealed the whole piece with my fave General Finishes High Performance Topcoat.

For accent, I attached a long country garland that had beads, rusty hearts and leaves.  Down the road I may put photos behind the glass but for now I like it as it is.


A plain wooden plaque painted with acrylic paints is for a new baby girl. After painting and lettering I glued a wooden heart to the plaque to add dimension.  Light distressing along the edges adds a bit of character. This baby girl truly is made of sugar and spice and everything nice!


Back in 2014 I picked up the file cabinet (featured in an earlier blog update) and a walnut wooden table. Time was at a premium so I didn't start working on the table until recently.

After a good cleaning, I started 'slopping' on three different colors of chalk paint all over the table surfaces.  It almost looked like a bright camouflage pattern. After that was dry, I put a coat of white chalk paint on top of the entire piece. Then came the fun part....I wet distressed the white, rubbing to expose the various shades of blue and a bit of the walnut original wood.

After I was happy with the look I waxed the table with clear wax and then highlighted different areas with dark wax. It will become my sewing table.


I am always happy to donate items to local fundraisers and this scarf is a good example. It will be included in the silent auction grouping for a church sale. Using double strands of yarn, this long scarf with fringe is lightweight cotton so is suitable for accessorizing on not-so-chilly days and evenings.


That's it for now. I am thinking of re-vamping the way I present this blog so may be making some changes in the future.

Thank you for stopping by.

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