Wednesday, November 29, 2023

More projects!


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Doing lots of projects

 November 2023

I find that I spend a lot of time on projects and not enough time on this blog!

If you are looking at my content and are interested in having a personalized or other gift, let me know. I have been concentrating on wooden and CD ornaments, knitting is on hold for a bit. I would be happy to make ornaments with your color choices, any lettering, small charms attached to hanging line.  

PRICES vary but range from $5 to $10; I can discount your purchase if you order 3 or more!

Thanks for looking!

You can reach me at

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I am located in Huron East, Ontario.


The following are some examples of the keepsake ornaments!

CD ornament - "Our 1st Christmas as Senior Citizens"

Another CD ornament - paint, vinyl Cricut numbers, ribbon

Reverse of a wooden ornament with the heavy board initial attached.

A wooden ornament

Reverse of wooden ornament

Bell ornament, acrylic paint, vinyl numbers, ribbon to hang

Wooden ornament, paint and ribbon bow

Work in progress

Another wooden ornament- acrylic paint, vinyl numbers, ribbon

Wooden ornament with acrylic paint, silver key hanging from the fishing line that hangs, vinyl initial

CD ornament for 70 yr old - acrylic paint, also painted music notes, vinyl numbers

Keepsake - NJ and MI on back of textured CD. Acrylic paint, jingle bells and tree charm attached to hanging fishing line

CD ornament - wreath. Textured CD then acrylic paint over top, ribbon

Wooden ornament party favors

Request to use these colors; jingle bells and charm also

Another request - jingle bells and charm also

Keepsake, a memorial ornament- acrylic paint, love heart charm and other charm

Thanks! I will try to keep my page updated in between crafting! Thank you for looking and feel free to contact me to discuss any ornaments that you might like to have created just for you!

Friday, July 14, 2023

Time to play catch-up with projects! Kind of better late than never!

I am welcoming myself back. It has been a long time since I even thought of posting on here.
 So there are quite a few projects to check out!
Here we go!

You will see as you scroll that I have been making a lot of recycled cds into Christmas ornaments! Most are dot painted and have 65 on them to commemorate friends' 65th birthdays. Lots of fun, acrylic paint, Cricut-cut numbers, some have bows or little silver initials attached also. Top coated to shine. For the most part the ornaments are hung with fishing line inserted into the hole I drilled out.

Canvas for a baby's room. Cut out the rabbit and decoupaged it on the canvas that I painted and lettered.
Ribbon to hang

cd ornament

cd ornament

Baby canvas, stenciled and lettered using acrylic paint

More cd ornaments though some people have asked if these are used for colorblindness tests.

Wooden stocking ornament, I textured the top and painted in acrylic paint and lettered. 
Baby's name on other side.

Another fun cd

More cds. No two are alike

Lacy knit cowl - acrylic yarn

More cds

Stitch pattern for cowl

Another cowl

The back of most of the cds

Another cd

Neck warmer, knitted

Neck warmer, knitted

Another neck warmer

I enjoyed this ombre yarn - neckwarmer

Another neck warmer

Another neck warmer

Neck warmer OR hood

Neck warmer OR hood

Masonite board, acrylic keepsake sign

1st Prize in the Penmanship category in our local fall fair 2022

Another cd ornament

A dog sign - rope and I painted with acrylics and attached a double hook -
 this is where you hang the dog's leash!

Masonite board, acrylic paints, new home keepsake

Cd ornament

Plastic tablecloths cut up in strips and tied onto a hanger that has been stretched open. 
This is for my granddaughters' playhouse.

Some flowers on tree slices
Acrylic paint

Pen and ink home on masonite board for a new home keepsake

Sunflowers on canvas - acrylic and water colors, glistening spray for a bit of sparkle

Ski band - extra chunky yarn, knit

Cowl - extra chunky yarn, knit

I think that catches me up. Hard to believe we are halfway through 2023 already! 

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I can be reached at

Thanks for looking!
Enjoy the summer!