Sunday, January 27, 2019

Winter Knitting

It's a snowy day AGAIN so what better way to keep warm than to be knitting!

Here is a baby blanket I just completed. It's made with double strands of Bernat yarn and size 17 needles. It knits up fairly quick and is sure to be toasty warm!

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Furniture Re-Do

Using Fusions Mineral Paint I transformed this old entertainment unit into a clothes organizer for twins.  Where the tv once sat there is now a chrome rod for hanging clothes. Baskets fit in the shelves and the bottom of the unit hides things behind the doors.



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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Let's get this party started!

Ok, now that I am psyched to keep this current I will show new projects as I finish them.

This wrapped canvas sign was a joy to make. With wrapped canvas, I painted with brown acrylic paint as the background.  Lettering in pink, yellow and white have the baby's information.  I sprayed a top coat of varnish (now that was fun as it was so cold in the garage and outside so I sprayed fast, brought the canvas inside.)  I attached some ribbon to hang the sign and then gave it as a present.

I will be starting another sign soon, a friend's first grandchild is due any day now so once I get the info I can start painting!  Boy or girl?  I lean towards the baby being a boy but hey, I have a 50/50 chance!

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I'm getting there - it's time for 2018 projects!

Here are more projects!

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These two photos are of a wooden sign I made.  Using red for the background, made a plaid pattern with green and white paint. Lettered in white paint then using the sander I distressed the whole sign.


Below are lots of various scarves, infinity scarves and cowls that I knit.


Front and back of Christmas ornament, personalized. I cut the spruce wood, drilled a hole and painted.


Front and back of ornament.  Cut the wood from spruce. Used pumice medium to give the tree texture.  Painted green and added lots of colored dots on the tree. Lettered the back.  


Baby keepsake, wrapped canvas, acrylic paint, varnish.


Wood shim project to fit into a frame that I had. Stained a lot of wood shims different colors. Heavy cardboard was the base on which I glued all the shims.  My first attempt at shim work.


Wood plaque. acrylic paints, teeth hanger on back for this new baby's sign.

A 60th Birthday gift for a friend.  Flat canvas board, water colors for map and acrylic paint for all other painting. Drilled holes to hang.  Can you guess the state?


Wedding -for the Dads and below one of the wrist corsages for the moms - stretchy bracelets and I attached ribbon, leaf and flower.


Wedding party girls wooden hangers.  Lettered and ribbon accent.


Baby keepsake, wooden plaque. Stained wood, acrylic lettering, varnish.


Sign - whitewashed, turquoise lettering, spray varnish.


More knitting projects below


  Little clothes rack. Cut spruce wood, painted with watercolors and acrylic paint. Wooden knobs. Varnish.


Cut wood, stained then lettered in acrylic paints. 


Watercolors and acrylic paint. Varnish, teeth hanger on back.  New baby gift.


Wedding things below


Cardstock table numbers lettered in gold.

These two signs are 16" x 20" canvas and were displayed on easels. 
 Acrylic paint and artificial greenery.

Cardstock sign lettered and trimmed in gold paint, used on a birdcage.


Large canvas, acrylic paint. Hung above a cut piece of wood, painted and hooks attached for coats.


Zia's garden sign. Painted with acrylic paint, cut wood for plaque and also a stake.  Outdoor varnish. 

Cut wood trees out of spruce, painted and decorated and lettered on the back in acrylic paint.  Varnished and put a green cord through the drilled hole to hang.

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- Sue