Thursday, September 23, 2021

Way behind....

Wow it is September 2021 already!

 I have sadly neglected my page; the days months have gotten away from me during the pandemic. 

So I will add some pictures now of projects that have occupied my time for a bit and try to play catch-up.

Please take a look!

Canvas board, painted in gray and white buffalo check using acrylics. Painted the recipient's name. Used jute rope and small clothespins so that this held photos.


Meet Zeus. On the left this is the real dog; on the right is a fun interpretation of him. He likes to wear bandanas so he I painted a red and white one for his furry neck.  Done in acrylics.


Here are two sets of coasters~  used small wrapped canvases and did acrylic paint pours with extender. Varnish top coat. 


I was learning to do some paint projects with on-line instruction. These giraffe are painted on canvas sheeting with acrylic paints and sprayed glimmering spray on top to make the giraffes sparkle. 


These are 2 paint pour projects on canvas. For the top one I put a texture on the canvas first then poured and sprayed glimmering spray.

The bottom one is also on canvas and is just a poured project. 


This is a small bench/table. I painted it with chalk paint a dark green/teal and then for the top I used gray and a light green background. The top is stencilled with navy and dots of navy and green.
Poly topcoat.


I think that is it for now. Other projects that have kept me busy (but I will not post yet) include painting and redecorating the living room and dining room, including sewing projects. The kitchen is awaiting new counters and fresh paint.  

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