Monday, October 27, 2014

I have been having a great time with chalk paint.  While I have made my own batches with plaster of paris in the past, I am now using brand name paint to see which ones I like the best.  For these projects I have been using Deco Americana Chalky Finish paint and creamy wax.

 My second bucket...base coated with yellow chalk paint, top coated with green and then sanded a bit off of it. I put a couple of coats of wax on it for protection.

I lacquered the label of this coffee jar to make it water resistant. There is a hole in the top - I inserted a pump into it. Voila - soap dispenser for the kitchen! 

Set of two canning jars....for decorative purposes....chalk painted a light blue then sanded a bit to distress them. Wax top coat for protection. Not to be immersed in water.

Set of two canning jars...painted a pinkish color in chalk paint, sanded to distress; followed with some ivory chalk paint dry brushed on and then waxed. Raffia ties accent the jars. Not to be immersed in water.
 These are for decorative purposes only.

Large canning jar...painted with blue chalk paint and lightly distressed. Top coated with wax and accented with raffia. Not to be immersed in water. This is for decorative purposes only.

Vintage loaf pan painted with blue chalk paint. Coordinates with large jar and also the small blue jars. Top coated with wax. Not to be immersed in water. This is for decorative purposes only.

I will continue to share more projects soon!

Thank you for looking.

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