Thursday, January 24, 2019

Catching up again/still!

Here are more projects I have completed.
If you have any questions, just email me at

Thank you for looking!

Ultrasound baby keepsake.  Copy of the ultrasounds on painted board.  Acrylic paint, varnish.

Wedding seating arrangement cards.  Dark blue stock and on top is ivory cardstock which I lettered in calligraphy. These were strung up a the entrance to the reception.

For baby's room - acrylic paint on board.

Forgot to take a before shot but this was old dark wood, I chalk painted white, lettered in black. Painted knobs black and varnished on top.

Canada Day weatherproof wreath - made from plastic tablecloths, cut to make fluffy ribbons. Inside is a red maple leaf that I cut out and laminated.

An experimental piece - rolled old book pages and glued to cardboard circle.  Lots of hot glue!

Wood welcome sign - stained wood, lettered with acrylic paint, varnished.
Wire to hang up and raffia embellishment.

Pool noodle socks, bandanas, felt faces, yarn mane. T

Outdoor sign. Stained and lettered and varnished.

Gray scarf ordered requested by a friend. Knitted and lots of fluffy fringe.

Lightweight infinity scarf, knitted.

Ivory infinity scarf, knitted.


Collaborative effort by my husband and me. Wood queen size headboard. Painted white.

I held a snowman wreath class for a group of friends. It is made from mesh, felt, some paint. We had lots of fun. Here I am on the right enjoying a little drink.

Made as a keepsake for a couple.

Wood stained, painted with acrylic outdoor paint and varnished. Attached a wire to hang it. 
It hangs on my friend's barn entrance.

Infinity scarf knitted with two colors of yarn for a friend's retirement.

Bright teal infinity scarf.

Old table, chalk painted and distressed and lettered the top. Varnished.

Bamboo wood, stained. Photo of the new homeowner's condo. Lettered with acrylic and varnished. Teeth on back to hang it up. 

Outdoor Christmas sign, stained, lettered and varnished.

Growth ruler. Painted with fire truck.  Stained and varnished. Baby gift.

Wooden plaque stained and painted with acrylic paint and varnished. Teeth on back to hang up.

Weatherproof wreath. Fluffy strips made of blue, green and white plastic tablecloths.

Weatherproof wreath. Fluffy strips made of yellow, gray and white plastic tablecloths.

Outdoor sign- varnished and outdoor paint lettering.

Keepsake for an engaged couple.

50th anniversary gift - wood, stained, lettered and numbered with 1967.

Knit ski band and wrap scarf.

Wood plaque, painted and stained then lettered, floated color and varnished. Teeth hook on back.

Lightweight scarf, wrap, knitted.

You can find me at:

Multi-color yarn, knit scarf.

Transformed a regular jean jacket with eyelet and lace to make a peplum jacket.

Children's names and birthdays cut and stained wood, acrylic paint, teeth hanger on back.

If you look closely you will see that Lindsay's sign is covered in lots and lots of colored dots. 
 Canvas board, acrylic paint, ribbon to hang.

Assortment of knitted cowls.

Baby keepsake, wood, acrylic paint, varnish and ribbon for hanging.

Wedding keepsake. Bamboo wood, acrylic paint, varnish, teeth hanger on back.


Top pic is the ladder I made from 1" x 2" wood, stained.

Bottom is the ladder in use with necklaces, bracelets, scarves.
 It's a handy place to store jewelry and takes up little space.

Wooden sign, painted with Patio Paint for background and lettering. 
Ran the palm sander over it to distress.

Thanks for joining me!  I will end with this last project:

Two step stools from Sills Home Hardware.  Lettered with the kids' names.

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