Friday, November 21, 2014

Another snow day!

It has been the perfect time to stay indoors and craft. Lots of snow outside and it's pretty chilly.  So here are my latest creations!

I love to paint mason jars with chalk paint!  These are done in blue and then dry brushed over top with white to bring out the details.  I gave them two coats of wax and finished off with sisal twine.

4" x 6" canvas magnet.  Base coated with acrylic in navy, floated white around the edges. Lettered in a bluish-white acrylic paint and topped with two coats of varnish. The magnets are on the back.

A toddler-sized cowl.  Knitted with gray and white strands together on circular needles.  Acrylic yarn.

White acrylic toddler-sized cowl made by request for a special little girl.  Knitted on circular needles. I will get a photo of the little one modelling this soon.

Using three strands of acrylic yarn (gray, light teal and white) I knitted this long double loop infinity. Nice and warm!

Another one of my original sayings (c. 2014) on a 4" x 6" flat canvas. Acrylic base coat, floated white around the edges.  Finished with varnish and put magnets on the back.

That is about it for now, more projects on the go including my bathroom re-do.  I will be posting more after I complete the current pieces.

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