Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot and Humid, a good day to craft indoors

I am actually working on a few projects at the moment - a baby blanket,  personalized canvas wall art for a new set of twins, and my Christmas cards. At a later date I will post pictures.

Here are some other projects that I have completed -


A commemorative canvas made with acrylic paint and varnish wash and lettered in acrylic.

Another commemorative canvas with acrylic paint.

Commemorating a 40th anniversary - aged with acrylic on canvas and acrylic paint lettering.

For a new baby's nursery - canvas with acrylic paint


Here's a cozy ivory cowl!

Other Projects

Before - my woodworking pal made this wooden bench for me

After - I stained and varnished the bench - a great gift for my daughter and her hubby!

A floor cloth - canvas fabric, I made a stamp out of a compressed sponge (those are so cool!) and acrylic with 3 coats of varnish


I think I am caught up now!  As I complete new projects, they will be added to the blog. Thanks for reading!

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