Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Having fun with crafting!

I will be posting pictures of some of the craft/artwork I have been doing.  While I do this for my own enjoyment, I really do love it when the recipient enjoys the item I have made for them!  Some people don't appreciate the time and effort that goes in to handcrafted ideas but in a world where items are mass produced, there is something special about receiving a gift made from the heart!

There are alot of photos to go through so I will do my best to get them out of the files and on to here.

Standard wooden hangers become pretty accessories for your closet! These have been decoupaged with tissue paper and have a ribbon added. 

Small canvas boards can be used to make cute signs. This one is painted with acrylic paint and the star has been painted and textured to stand out. It was a housewarming gift for a young couple.

More decoupage magic!  Using paper mache boxes and tissue paper these little boxes now hold jewelry pieces or office supplies such as paper clips.

Carter is the son of one of my daughter's friends.  When he arrived I wanted to make him some keepsakes that were especially made just for  him!


One of my favorite creations was a brooch bouquet made of some family keepsake brooches and also brooches found at thrift and consignment stores.  The handle is a filigree metal, there is lace adorning the bouquet. This is now an heirloom piece!


This wooden plaque was made for Wren.  It is painted with acrylic paint and varnished. The colors coordinate with her nursery.

Delaney's plaque is also wooden, painted and stenciled.  Lace and pearls around the border dress it up.

Brayden's is a simple wooden plaque painted with acrylics.

Cohen's sign is on a canvas board. On top of the board I put a sheet of calligraphy that I had done with his name and birth information. Over the sheeting I adhered Cricut letters and then aged the whole piece with paint and stain.

Annabelle's room is decorated in a Winnie the Pooh theme so I painted this Eyore and quoted A.A. Milne.

Ellie is a cute little girl who got a new bedroom so I thought I would make her something special!


Here is a fuzzy yellow scarf perfect for those chilly evenings when you are out walking the dog.

 This is a mini infinity scarf or a neck hider as a friend calls it. It's small but keeps your neck warm.

A ski band with a flower accent.  

This scarf started out as t-shirts...my friend recycled the shirts into a 'yarn' and sent it to me. I in turn knit an infinity cowl out of it then sent it back to her completed. It really did go full circle from NJ to Ontario and back!

This varigated fuzzy scarf keeps my pal nice and toasty.

This lightweight scarf is a great accessory!



Subway art on a long large canvas...acrylic paint, Cricut lettering...commemorating a new marriage.

Tried my hand at caricatures....pen and ink and acrylic on canvas.

Tri-fold greetings board for a wedding. The guests who were not attending sent a photo with a greeting for the bride and groom and I mounted and labeled them.

A special quote for a special little girl.

Another canvas for a little girl.



Sitting on the guest book table is a canvas sign with the bride and groom's names and wedding date. Trimmed in lace, this was one in the wedding colors.

Another wedding sign, canvas with purple acrylic paint and Cricut lettering. Trimmed in eyelet, this hung at the entrance to the reception.

This canvas sign also was also for a wedding. Trimmed in eyelet and pearls, this keepsake on a stand was for my nephew and his new wife.  Had a great time celebrating with our families.

Custom place cards - card stock cut and embellished with silver hearts. I then lettered in blue calligraphy for a special couple. It was a wonderful wedding.

Table numbers made by cutting black bristol board for the background.....cut white card stock that I had lettered with the table numbers and mounted on the black.

Assorted little accessories.

White card stock cut to make place
cards, lettered in black calligraphy.



I have fun with canvases and creating texture on them.  This sign was made with Cricut letters and layers of napkins on top that I varnished so it gave it a bit of an aged tinge.

Small canvas, acrylic paint and Cricut letters, varnished to finish.

A button tree I made as decor for my house. I thought hard about what kind of saying to write and came up with this - "If you don't branch out, you won't know what you're missing".  c.2012      The letters were done in calligraphy atop the canvas board that I painted white. I painted the trunk and branches of the tree then went button-crazy!


From a photo I did a pen and ink and acrylic drawing of a friend's  house and framed it for her.  :-)


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