Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little fancy doodling!

I have been slowly learning the art of Zentangle. My artistic sister has been an inspiration and mentor.   There are so many talented folks out there who create beautiful works of art.  While I am in the beginning stages of this, I am having fun and while it can be frustrating, it can be oddly relaxing also. Perhaps that is the ZEN part of Zentangle!

So here are a few of my creations, I have also created my Christmas card design but won't share that until after the cards are mailed out to family and friends in December.

This is fun, try it!

 I find I like designs to be symmetrical so that it seems balanced.
 There are so many more designs that I have to learn! It is fun to fill in with neat patterns.
I still am not quite sure about this one...I will probably try to do it again in the future and see what happens.

That's it for now, thanks for looking!  is where you can reach me if you want to write and say hello!

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