Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Pre-Christmas 2021

 Busy as usual with life and some projects. So here are some of my newest items!

One of our large maple trees snapped some big limbs during a storm so that presented an opportunity - cut the limbs into slices and make ornaments!

Reindeer - acrylic paint, glitter spray, poly topcoat; drilled hole with my Dremel, 
gold stretchy thread to hang, name on reverse

Silver basecoat, hugging bears (copyright free clip art) in acrylic paint, poly topcoat; drilled hole, 
gold stretchy thread to hang; photo on reverse

Santa face, acrylic paint, poly topcoat: drilled hole, fishing line to hang

Silhouette of a family member's dog, acrylic paint, poly topcoat, hole, hang with fishing line. 
Name and year on reverse

Snowman and reindeer, acrylic paint, poly topcoat, hang with fishing line, names on reverse

Twin snowmen for twins. Acrylic paint, poly topcoat, fishing line to hang, names on reverse.

Angel, Sharpie marker, acrylic paint, glitter spray, poly topcoat; hang with fishing line. 
Name on reverse.

Penguin- acrylic paint, poly topcoat, hang with fishing line. 
Names on reverse.

Owl, made a textured paint using acrylic paint for feathers.  Poly topcoat, hang with fishing line.
Names on reverse.

And for something different, a friend wanted this poem done in calligraphy. 5" x 7" matted in an 8" x 10" frame.

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Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Way behind....

Wow it is September 2021 already!

 I have sadly neglected my page; the days months have gotten away from me during the pandemic. 

So I will add some pictures now of projects that have occupied my time for a bit and try to play catch-up.

Please take a look!

Canvas board, painted in gray and white buffalo check using acrylics. Painted the recipient's name. Used jute rope and small clothespins so that this held photos.


Meet Zeus. On the left this is the real dog; on the right is a fun interpretation of him. He likes to wear bandanas so he I painted a red and white one for his furry neck.  Done in acrylics.


Here are two sets of coasters~  used small wrapped canvases and did acrylic paint pours with extender. Varnish top coat. 


I was learning to do some paint projects with on-line instruction. These giraffe are painted on canvas sheeting with acrylic paints and sprayed glimmering spray on top to make the giraffes sparkle. 


These are 2 paint pour projects on canvas. For the top one I put a texture on the canvas first then poured and sprayed glimmering spray.

The bottom one is also on canvas and is just a poured project. 


This is a small bench/table. I painted it with chalk paint a dark green/teal and then for the top I used gray and a light green background. The top is stencilled with navy and dots of navy and green.
Poly topcoat.


I think that is it for now. Other projects that have kept me busy (but I will not post yet) include painting and redecorating the living room and dining room, including sewing projects. The kitchen is awaiting new counters and fresh paint.  

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spring is in the Air! More projects!

It is feeling like spring today so of course I will show you two of my latest wreaths, both Christmas-worthy.

This is a 12" frame with patterned burlap and a felt/fabric Noel sign.

Red and ivory wreath, suitable for Christmas with accessories or Valentine's Day or use just as it is.

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I have just completed a new tri-color wreath with bow:

April 2021

I have made a couple more wreaths!

12" wreath form.  Black and taupe and it's nice and fluffy!

14" wreath form. Black, brown and taupe. Fluffy!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

More Projects During Covid 2021

During the pandemic, crafting has been a great stress-reliever.

Here is a memorial canvas I did - acrylic paints to marbelize and letter, photo 
and decoupage medium to seal.

Canvas with acrylic paints and spray varnish, my own design

                                                           Black and ivory wreath on a 14' form 

                                               Blue and ivory wreath on a 14' wreath form

Ivory and blue wreath on a 14" wreath form

                                       Acrylic paint on canvas sheeting, my own design.
                                                Sprayed with glimmering mist then sealed.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Crafting continues during Covid

Time to add a few more projects.

Here is a baby gift - small canvas, acrylic paint, varnish. Ribbon to hang.

So I am trying to paint again after a long break from doing it (other than keepsake signs).

I watched a video tutorial by Jesse in London, Ontario for inspiration with this winter scene.

Another fun painting, rainbow llamas from a tutorial from Jesse in London, Ontario.  Acrylic paints on canvas sheet.

Inspired by an on-line tutorial from another Jesse whose Facebook group I follow. Acrylic paint on canvas sheeting.

That's it for now. I have a few more projects to post but am waiting until people receive them as gifts.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Crafting some more!

Greenery base wreath with burlap and ribbons, glitter balls.

Rubber large dice, crackle finished with red and white paint, lettered with paint. Ribbon with button accent.

 Burlap cut and rolled, shabby chic with Christmas sprig/

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Crafting during the pandemic helps to de-stress a bit....

Considering I do social media marketing for a part-time job, I have really been delinquent when it comes to posting my own creations and keeping the blog updated.  Crafting is a good stress reliever and gets me off the computer BUT I seem to forget to post my projects. So I am trying to catch up...

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Here are some of my creations from 2020, a year to remember....

Bunny silhouette canvas, acrylic paint

Torn fabric wreath

Wood panel, stain and acrylic paint, gingham bow.  Space for a saying or verse.

Wood panel, paint in buffalo plaid design, saying, jute rope bow.

Wood panel, paint in buffalo plaid design

Canvas, acrylic paint

Baby canvas, acrylic paint. Grosgrain ribbon, small easel.

Assorted GPS coordinates - stain, wash of acrylic paint.

Christmas wreath - greenery base, burlap, ribbon and balls.

Rubber dice painted and crackled - acrylic paint. Ribbon and bow, glued dice together.

Tea sign - stained, painted

Buffalo plaid painted wood panel. Jute bow. Saying.

Burlap wreath, so much burlap cut into strips!

Canada Day wreath - white and red plastic, red plastic maple leaf.

Poofy wreath, greenery bases, glitter mesh and shiny ribbon bow.

Another poofy wreath - greenery base, white glitter mesh, gold mesh accents, glitter bow.

Glamorous wreath - greenery base, glitter mesh in silver and gold, accent balls, mesh bow with
 jingle bells. Canvas circle painted with acrylic and sparkles with acrylic lettering.

Rolled mesh wreath in 3 colors and little balls.
Baby canvas with acrylic paint, ribbon hanger.

Thanks for looking! I will have more to post after Christmas when I can post some surprises I made.

Keep crafting!